Lynette Partridge-Schneider has written several articles for horse magazines as well as horse information sites. You can find articles written by Lynette in the following publications:

  • Holistic Horse
  • Equine Wellness
  • Illinois Horse Network
  • The Central States Horseman
  • Wine Crafters

She also has articles posted on other websites including:

Articles written about Lynette have been featured in Augusta Chronical newspaper, Illinois Horse Network, Equine Blogs, along with other papers and websites.

Listed below are some of the articles she has written and articles written about her.

Stretching Your Horse,  a guide for the horse owner
by H. Lynette Partridge-Schneider

This booklet is available through Quail Ridge Equine Unlimited and attending clinics and seminars. The booklet contains both basic and advance stretches for your horse – stretches are beneficial no matter what the age of the horse. The booklet is taught in many clinics and seminars.

Contact Lynette if you are interested scheduling a seminar or clinic

The Equine Athlete Benefits from Massage Therapy
by H. Lynette Partridge-Schneider

Spring is Coming & So Is Show Season
by H. Lynette Partridge-Schneider
March 2008 Issue – Illinois Horse Network

Massage Therapy and its Benefits
by H. Lynette Partridge-Schneider
August Issue – Illinois Horse Network

Cold Laser Therapy
by H. Lynette Partridge-Schneider

Stretches for the Older Equine
by H. Lynette Partridge-Schneider
Spring Issue – Holistic Horse
view article on

Buying the Right Horse
by H. Lynette Partridge-Schneider
July Issue – Illinois Horse Network

Alternative Medicine
by H. Lynette Partridge-Schneider

Recurrent Colic
by H. Lynette Partridge-Schneider

Lynette has been a contributor of stories and information for other authors.  The latest contribution:

Several area horse owners have contributed stories for a new book, “MARES! (ya gotta love em)…Fifty Stories to Aid and Inspire Mare Owners,” compiled by Betsy Kelleher.

Writers include Lisa Waltrip, Dianne Doll, Jean Reinhardt, Donna Vogt, H. Lynette Partridge-Schneider, Jackie King, Sarah Bower, Dawn Hadfield, Michelle Corvallis, Jennifer Appleton, Cynthia Medina, Debbie Antognoli, Jim Hayes, Connie Owens, and Betsy Kelleher.

Writers also include Julie Goodnight, well known Colorado trainer, and Dr. Ron Meredith of Meredith Manor Equestrian Centre.

This book should give you a new perspective on the equine feminine personality! Books are available in bookstores, online bookstore sites, and Betsy Kelleher’s own website, Paperback, 452 pages with photos and bios on each writer. And the cover photo is a great shot of Jordan Dowdy on Kissee, taken by Linda Snyder of Bunker Hill. Retail price: $23.99.

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