Natural Treatment for Sunburn

Summary: Sunburn is the reddening of the skin by over exposure to the sun and tanning lamps. There are many natural remedies that can soothe the skin and keep it healthy.

Sunburn is caused from over exposure to the sun’s rays or those of the lamps in a tanning bed. The sun provides vitamin D that keeps the skin healthy. Vitamin D from the sun is beneficial to the support of the body’s bones structure. Over exposure to the sun can cause reddening of the skin along with blisters and peeling. The sun is beneficial to the body’s overall good health, yet too much of a good thing can occur with extended exposure. Using a sunscreen, SPF 30 or higher can protect the skin from the burning rays, especially those that are sensitive and fair skinned.

Sunburn causes the skin to dry out, depleting it of much needed nourishment. To repair the damage caused by overexposure to the sun during outdoor activities, there are several methods that can rehydrate the skin and repair the skin cells damaged during an episode of sunburn. There are times when along with the sunburn there is the possibility of dehydration, shock and heat exhaustion. It is important to drink plenty of fluids during exposure to the heat and the sun and seek medical attention for dehydration and other symptoms of heat exhaustion.

Seek medical attention from a physician or emergency room, if any of these signs or symptoms has occurred after over exposure to the sun.

• Extreme thirst and unable to produce a urine flow
• Light headed or dizziness
• Chills, fever and stomach upset or nausea
• Water blisters on the skin
• Rapid breaths or unable to catch breath

Natural and Herbal Remedies

Soaking in a tub of water or what is called hydrotherapy is a great way to release the heat and relieve the symptoms of the sunburn. Add baking soda to the bath and soak for fifteen to twenty minutes for maximum benefit. Repeat these soaks daily to heal the sunburn and aide in rehydration of the skin.

Vitamin E in a lotion can add healing properties to the moisturizing properties of the lotion. Adding moisture to the skin is the first goal of any remedy for treating sunburned skin.

White vinegar is used to relieve the pain when applied to the skin. Soak a wash cloth in a solution of water and white vinegar, mixed in equal parts and use as a compress on the skin. Avoid any blisters or open skin areas and especially the eye area as the vinegar can cause irritation.

Aloe Vera is a plant that is known for is anti-inflammatory properties and healing skin conditions. When Aloe Vera gel is used topically (onto the skin) on the sunburned skin, the effect is soothing and cooling. Aloe Vera will heal the burned skin and heal the blisters that may have formed on the skin during the exposure to the sun. As with all natural remedies, the fresher is always better for health. Taking a spear off an aloe plant and opening it up to the sticky gel inside can be used directly on the skin to instantly soothe and heal.

Lukewarm water soaks mixed with green tea or chamomile tea can be used in the bath by adding the brewed tea or the actual leaves to the filled tub. The tea will cool the skin and have a calming effect. Adding essential oils such as peppermint to the tea soak gives a cooling feeling to the skin and adds moisture which is essential to healing the sunburned skin.

Olive oil is a natural moisturizer and can be added to vinegar to make a light lotion then rubbed onto the skin before a cool bath. Use for several days after sun exposure to replenish the skin’s moisture.

Nature heals the skin by causing tanning. This darkening of the skin is natural and protects from further damage when exposed to the sun. Gradually getting a tan by using sun protection products is healthier than long over exposures to the sun that cause damaging burning and blisters. Some blistering can open the skin and the body to bacteria and infections that can lead to other health problems.

Nothing shows good health to the outside world like a tan and healthy skin. The two radiates a healthy body. Over exposure to the sun’s rays that causes sunburn is dangerous and can do irreversible damage to the skin and leave scarring. Take precautions when participating in outdoor activities. There are many herbal and home remedies to assist the skin in healing and remain healthy even after long periods outside in the sun. Take care of the skin and continue to allow healthy skin to radiate good health.