The Adventures of Living

Growing up in small town in rural Georgia, there was always time to use your imagination. Much of my imagery ended up in stories, poems and essays. Growing up around farmland and timber, animals and nature played such an important part in my life, especially horses and dogs, that many times were included in my writings. Poetry, essays and even a children’s book, writing was another manner to express nature’s wonders.

No matter the dreams of childhood, life does have many twists and turns, to send one down many of the life’s paths. From majoring in journalism to psychiatry and then to recreation therapy, writing and animals remained the constant. After many years in the human medical field, the horses and dogs were where I spent my weekends showing them in shows all over the southeast. The showing became judging and then writing about the experiences to help others. When the opportunity to work with horses and dogs full time came my way, I have been able to share these experiences through the written word.

Also, I judge horse shows that has me travelling all over the USA and other parts of the world. These travels give me great ideas for stories and articles. The characters and adventures that come to mind are in the making for some great children’s books, cozy mysteries or the page turning thriller. When not traveling to judge horse shows or rehabilitation therapies for horses and dogs, I am a freelance writer, proofreader and editor. As a freelancer, this has given me the opportunity to write articles for magazines, web content and other media sources on a wide range of topics.

Life is an adventure. It is all about breaking free of the cocoon and allowing the butterfly to spread its wings and take flight to see where the breezes take us. I am looking forward to being like the butterfly that has been released from its cocoon and experiencing all of life’s adventures that await me, and sharing these adventure with others through my writing.